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With our cloud-enabled software, you have the option of using your IT at any time and anywhere.


The insurance market is facing radical change. We will assist you as a strong partner to achieve significant gains in innovation and efficiency on the long term.

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Custom adaptation instead of programming yourself: Our insurance software combines the advantages of customisation with the low costs of standard software.

Adcubum - Efficiency


You deserve more than "just" first-class software. Adcubum also offers a range of additional services to ensure your success in the face of ever tougher competition.

Adcubum - Integration


Our solution can be integrated seamlessly into your existing IT architectures.

Adcubum - Events

Sharing experiences as equal partners. We bring together the experts in the insurance industry. Customers, partners and Adcubum specialists work together on developing innovative solutions for users and customers. 


We are a leading software manufacturer for the international insurance industry. The standard software Adcubum Syrius is our core product, a flexible, modular, cloud-ready system for health, property and casualty insurers. Working closely with our customers, we develop solutions for the insurance market of the future and create an ideal environment for agile work processes.

Our Solution

The flexible standard solution: Adcubum Syrius

Custom specification instead of do-it-yourself programming: Our insurance software combines the advantages of customisation with standard software and its lower costs.

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You are in good company

key figures
Ever since our formation in 1997 in St. Gallen, Switzerland, our focus has been the insurance industry.
We currently have around 400 employees working at eight locations in three countries.
More than 20 customers already rely on Adcubum's software solutions and that makes us number 1 in the Swiss health and casualty insurance market.
30 bn
Our core insurance system manages premiums of more than 30 bn euros.
7 m
Our software manages more than 7 m health and casualty insurance policyholders.
More than 10,000 users rely on Adcubum Syrius during their daily work.

your career

Make your job as flexible as you are

You're great the way you are! And with us, you'll get the chance to prove it. We make sure we treat each other fairly and entrust new employees with responsibility early on. We know what makes you happy in your career.

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Would you like to learn how to operate Adcubum Syrius or gain confidence in using it? Then you should get to know our programme of courses and certifications now.

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