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More than software:
Adcubum all-round support

You deserve more than "just" first-class software. Adcubum also offers a range of additional services to ensure your success in the face of ever tougher competition.

Adcubum - Leistung

At Adcubum, we meet our customers on equal terms and see them as partners. That is why we actively strive to share experiences and knowledge — so that both sides can continuously update their products and processes to the growing demands of the market. With our divisions Consulting & Projects, Customer Care, Academy and Community, we offer the right services to ensure optimal customer service for every customer situation.


Consulting & Projects

Good advice is a matter of course with Adcubum. We are happy to pass on our knowledge. Our experts are internationally sought after as multipliers with profound market insight.

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Customer Care

A good partner has to be able to listen. Our customer relationships are based on long-standing teamwork. This also includes taking your concerns seriously and implementing the changes you propose.

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Sharing experiences as equal partners. We bring together the experts in the insurance industry. Customers, partners and Adcubum specialists work together on developing innovative solutions for users and customers.

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Would you like to learn how to operate Adcubum Syrius or gain confidence in using it? Then you should get to know our programme of courses and certifications now.

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Insurance means putting trust in others. Our area of expertise is the insurance industry. We know the industry experts and have built up a close network of reliable partners over the years.

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