Adcubum AG


Sharing experiences as equal partners. We bring together the experts in the insurance industry. Customers, partners and Adcubum specialists work together on developing innovative solutions for users and customers.

Through our community, we actively share information and experiences with customers and partners at a variety of events. Apart from the positive networking effects and knowledge transfer, Adcubum Syrius is systematically developed and continually optimised in line with feedback from the community.

Community offers the following benefits:

  • Collaborative development of Adcubum Syrius and involvement in the innovation process
  • Transfer of know-how
  • Broad discussion of regulatory changes in the insurance world
  • Think tank for market-leading innovations that further increase commercial benefits
  • Networking with more than 20 insurers


Every year, Adcubum invites customers to its innovation day. At this event, customers are offered a glimpse of the latest developments and upgrades to Adcubum Syrius. Innoday is the platform for targeted specialist discussions between Adcubum, customers and partners. This interaction of industry experts also stimulates new ideas and leads to more efficient corporate processes through an in-depth exchange of views.


Adcubum Advisory Board

The Adcubum Advisory Board is a unique platform that encourages collaboration between different companies. The efficient and effective team of experts, from both customers and Adcubum, works together to define the future benchmark for the insurance software Adcubum Syrius.



Carmen Keller

Marketing Manager