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Adcubum Syrius

Custom specification instead of do-it-yourself programming: Our insurance software combines the advantages of customisation with standard software and its lower costs.

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Adcubum Syrius insurance platform

Insurers are striving intensively to digitalise their core business, ensure its sustainability and reduce costs. This requires both a strong foundation and a flexible tool such as the Adcubum Syrius insurance platform.



  • Flexible core solution offering continuous, full digitalisation of all processes right through to the back-end
  • Fully comprehensive standard solution combining rapid market launch with a high degree of flexibility
  • Suitable for a variety of business lines
  • Modern software architecture, using industry standards and open-source components, ensures easy integration
  • Range of operating models available, using in-house environments, cloud services or proven partner networks
  • Ready for software as a service (SaaS)

Adcubum Syrius

Our software can be integrated within an insurer's existing IT landscape depending on the specific requirements, either as a comprehensive solution or as individual products. Particular products enable the mapping either of parts of an insurer's operation or the entire value chain.



  • Coverage of the insurance value chain with a high degree of automation
  • Flexible, customisable standard solution, combining low overall costs with the ability to tailor the application
  • Support of a range of databases, such as Oracle or open-source solutions such as PostgreSQL
  • Reduced complexity thanks to comprehensive and proven standard functionality
  • High proportion of automated processing thanks to full end-to-end automation
  • Sustained low total IT costs (total cost of ownership)
  • Easy and proven data migration


Contract Management forms the ideal basis for the administration of insurance contracts. It offers a wide range of functions including the integrated management of all relevant portfolio processes (such as issuing policies, changing commencement dates, anulments, cancellations, switching products) and a direct connection between the detailed policy data and efficient product and price management.


Product and Price Management significantly speeds up the provision of individual insurance products and models. Rate calculation is highly efficient. Connection with rate calculators from other manufacturers is also readily available.


With its user-friendly and modern interface, this product covers the entire process, from customer contact through to issuing the policy. Policy application questionnaires are created dynamically and then reviewed by automated processes for compliance with underwriting guidelines. This allows policies to be generated automatically.


Claims Management is an efficient product for property and casualty insurers and covers all needs, from claim creation through claim management to fast claim adjustment. In addition, the entire process from claims reporting to invoice review and disbursement can be automated.


Partner Management offers a solid foundation for managing partners and roles effectively, along with the option of linking partners (for instance in a family). Alternatively, third-party partner systems can also be connected.



Commission Management supports insurers in managing a range of distribution partners and their organisations. All relevant commission models are supported all the way through to disbursement and can be customised by creating rules. Alternatively, commission systems from other manufacturers can be integrated.


Collections and Disbursements supports all of an insurer's relevant posting and payment processes, both for individual and group business. The reminder process in line with insurance and civil law is also supported, as well as a link to debt collections and the general ledger. Comprehensive options for controlling and automation assist employees in accounting functions. Alternatively, existing collections and disbursements systems from other manufacturers can be integrated into our solution.


Using Expense Automation generates a huge rise in the level of automation in claims management. The resource savings can be redirected to reviewing high-value invoices or to optimising the claims adjustment process. This reduces not just the processing costs but has a key impact on claim settlements. Additionally, faster claims processing can improve customer satisfaction.


Customer Service defines not only the service experience for the customer but also the costs of follow-up processes. The Customer Service Desktop assists with customer-servicing processes ranging from the initial contact through to the completion of tasks for the final settlement of the claim.


Digital Customer Service offers a way to meet the increasing need among insurance customers for digital services and round-the-clock availability. A wide range of processes can be initiated by the customer and fully completed via automated processing.


Digital Claims Process: This product enables fully automated claims handling, from claims reporting to claims adjustment, using digital communication between insured companies and insurers. For casualty and daily sickness benefits insurance, this can even be done between independent companies using the Swiss industry standard KLE.


Claims and Benefits Management offers electronic commissioning and management of external service providers (e.g. claims adjusters, repair workshops) as well as management of the entire order process directly from the claims-processing system in Adcubum Syrius. The results from the order can then, in turn, trigger subsequent automated processes.

Modern technologies

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  • Adcubum Syrius

    Adcubum Syrius

    The software features a modern microservice architecture, developed entirely in Java. The software can be structured based on open-source components and operated using containers in the cloud.

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  • Integration


    Adcubum Syrius uses interfaces (APIs) for open integration, which allows smooth work processes by seamlessly integrating Adcubum Syrius into existing IT architectures.

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  • Cloud


    With our cloud-ready software, you can use your IT wherever and whenever you like

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Adcubum Group

Regardless of whether you are an internationally active insurance group, a traditional regional insurer or a highly specialized underwriting agent - with "Adcubum Syrius" or the "tech11 Insurance Platform" every player on the composite market - including motor vehicle insurers - will find a solution tailored to them in order to be able to set up digital transformation in a robust and future-proof manner. Together, more than 30 customers already trust in the successful mix of industry-leading technology and many years of project management expertise.

tech11 has been part of the Adcubum Group since December 2021. tech11 is a provider of a digital insurance platform for the property and casualty insurance industry in Germany and Europe. Founded in 2018 by Pierre Dubosq and Matthias Reining in Würzburg, the company has grown to over 75 employees in the fourth year. tech11 has its head office in Würzburg and currently has co-working branches in Munich and Frankfurt.

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