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Motor insurance

Motor insurance is the business line with the highest premium income within property and casualty insurance. This dynamic business is marked by competitive prices and shrinking margins that also cause problems for the fleet business, among others. At the same time, motor insurance business is crucial for customer acquisition and loyalty.

Due to changes in user behaviour, technological progress and climate change, issues such as e-mobility, self-driving vehicles and car sharing are becomingly increasingly important.

As a result, the insurers are faced with a variety of challenges. They have to:

  • Bring new products to market faster
  • Set premiums based on individual risk assessments and data analysis
  • Use process automation to reduce rates and rapidly adjust them to new market conditions
  • Automate claims processes and reduce claims expense
  • Increase speed and customer satisfaction using modern tools such as artificial intelligence (AI)

With the software solution Adcubum Syrius, insurers can meet these requirements in private and commercial business and set new benchmarks for competition against other insurers.