Adcubum AG

Adcubum Syrius

The software features a modern microservice architecture, developed entirely in Java. The software can be structured based on open-source components and operated using containers in the cloud.

Automated processes are rooted in its DNA with the integrated BPMS (Business Process Management System). Specific customer requirements or insurance products can be implemented at any time, flexibly and without programming expertise, by the insurers themselves or by our Adcubum Syrius specialists.

Architectural cornerstones:

  • Modern and future-oriented software architecture developed in Java
  • Container-based architecture ready for cloud operating models
  • Relies on open standards and open-source components
  • Can be operated with Oracle or open-source PostgreSQL databases
  • Offers an optimal level of process automation
  • Flexible standard solution that can be customised without programming
  • High degree of flexibility and low total IT costs